Policy on the processing of personal data

With this policy on the processing of personal data (the “Policy”), drafted pursuant to EU Regulation 679/2016 (hereinafter, the “Privacy Regulation”), Miroglio Textile and Fashion S.r.l., in their capacity as joint controllers (the “Joint Controllers”) would like to inform you that it will process the personal data provided by you (the “Data), in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof.

We would also like to inform you that the Miroglio Group has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who resides at the following address: Miroglio Group – Data Protection Officer, Via S. Barbara 11, 12051 – Alba (CN), dpo@miroglio.com.

  1. Origin and type of the processed Data.

The Joint Controllers will process the following categories of Data that you have provided: a) identification data; b) contact details; c) data related to your purchases.

  1. Purpose of the processing of Data

The Joint Controllers will process your Data for the following purposes:

a) Online Purchase: online trading on the Website http://www.progettom360.com (the “Website”) of textile products and/or masks and provision of any other services that are related to such trading (legal basis: execution of a contract);

b) Legal and contractual obligations: in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and with the Regulation, also in order to prevent and identify any abuse, illegal use, offences or fraud (legal basis: legal and contractual obligations);

c) Marketing: with your consent, sending of commercial, informational, promotional and/or advertising material via automated (e-mail, web, SMS and/or MMS, phone calls without an operator) and/or non-automated tools (printed mail and phone calls with an operator), as well as material related to market research and initiatives (legal basis: consent);

d) Definition of your customer profile: with your consent, we will analyse your purchases and choices, in order to get a better understanding of your selections and preferences and consequently offer you, via automated decision-making and profiling tools, personalised services in accordance with your specific needs and characteristics (legal basis: consent).

The processing of your Data for the purposes under (c) and (d) is subject to the obligation of obtaining your prior optional consent.

  1. Methods of processing of Data

The processing and handling of Data will take place within the European Union through manual and electronic tools, with logic strictly related to the above purposes, in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of Data in compliance with the Privacy Regulation.

  1. Retention of Data

Your Data may be retained for various periods of time depending on the purpose for which they are collected and processed by the Joint Controllers, but always in accordance with the Privacy Policy. In particular:

  • for the purposes of paragraph 2, letter (a) and (b), the Data will be retained for a period no longer than the period allowed by the legal and/or taxation regulations (therefore, without prejudice to the exceptions expressly provided by law, for a period no longer than 10 years);
  • for the purposes of paragraph 2, letters (c) and (d), the Data will be retained for the time strictly necessary to carry out the activities provided for therein and, in any case, for a period of no more than 2 years from when the consent was given or renewed through an online purchase.
  1. Disclosure of Data

The data may be disclosed to companies belonging to the Miroglio Group or to third parties, qualified as data processors or sub-processors, for activities related to achieving the aforementioned purposes, such as, for example, banking services, communication and marketing services, financial services, technical and administrative help desk services, management of shipments and any product returns.

  1. Rights

Pursuant to the Privacy Regulation, you have the following rights and powers related to your Data: a) the right to be informed on the purposes and methods of processing; b) access; c) update and rectification; d) deletion, anonymisation or blocking; e) objection to processing, including objection to automated decision-making and profiling; f) withdrawal of consent; g) portability; h) limitation of processing.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

We would like to inform you that you may exercise your rights via one of our points of sale that participate in the Loyalty Programme, or by directly contacting the Joint Controllers at the e-mail address privacygroup@miroglio.com or by writing to Miroglio Textile S.r.l. – att. M360, Via S.Margherita 23, 12051 – Alba (CN), Italy.

  1. Amendment and updates to the Policy

The Joint Controllers may amend, integrate and/or update this Policy, in whole or in part, also in the light of future changes in the Privacy Regulation. You will be informed of any amendment, integration or update in a timely and punctual manner via the electronic or printed means that the Controller may consider appropriate.

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